Easter is usually buzzing with outdoor egg hunts, fun and family events over the long weekend, but this is not going to be an ordinary one due to the COVID 19 pandemic. All the fun and excitement is now left for us to create ourselves! So in our usual DIY spirit, to help families and children celebrate a memorable Easter during these stay at home times, we’ve put together twelve great ideas to make your Easter as joyful as it can be!  

Our foremost priority is ensuring that children and families stay safe and healthy, so all activities are limited to indoor ones. All the projects are also easy to do and the supplies used are items you probably already have at home, so no need to go outside to buy any more. 

Better hop to it! 

1. Paper Plate Bunny

Bring lots of laughs and giggles to your house by making this easy and fun bunny face using a paper plate. Perfect for use as a bunny mask or playing the all-time favorite game Peekaboo with the younger siblings! Grab a few paper plates, paint, pencils and have fun creating this simple craft.

Our super hosts Stycie and Seth at Sema’s Lab made this craft and give step by step directions in this Sema’s Lab video

2. Mini Easter Baskets

These Mini Easter baskets are easy to make and so pretty that we thought you might like to make some, too. Plus, they will come in handy for storage as well!

3. Toilet Paper Pencil Holder

What’s a better way to use all the used toilet paper rolls you have lying around? Try this easter inspired pencil holder and you can transform your toilet paper rolls into these adorable bunnies for Easter.

4. Crystal Eggs Easter Activity

This science Easter craft is not only fun to do but super educational as well. Take a look at how these awesome Crystal Eggs were made.

5. Salt painted Easter eggs

Have fun with your kids making these salt designs and then watch the magic of the spreading colors! Best of all, it makes use of the materials already in your kitchen.

6. Bunny Rabbit handprint

Make your own bunny with just paint and paper. Get your hands a little messy and personalize your bunny by making it the size of your palms. 

7. Easter Bookmarks

This simple Easter craft is bound to make your kids read more since the bookmarks will have to find a place in the books your kids will read. It’s fun and incredibly useful.

8. Chick Finger Puppets

Not only are these Chick puppets a cute craft for kids to make but they are incredibly fun to play with afterward. Try them out and let your fingers do the walking.

9. Carrot Footprints

In the spirit of Easter, we’ll be making these amazing Carrot Footprint art. Not only are they great for an activity, but they will also serve as a great keepsake to treasure for all those growing kids!

10. Rainbow Easter Eggs

Create a Rainbow Baking Soda and Easter Eggs Eruption! We’ve done this before at Sema’s Lab but take a look at this cool way to make it more Easter Friendly and create your rainbow Easter Eggs. 

11. Egg Painting 

Decorating your very own Easter egg is a classic Easter activity and is so much fun for every age. Try out this activity to bring the family together, we guarantee, it is egg-exactly what you need to do during the weekend

12. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

It wouldn’t be Easter without the traditional Easter Egg hunt. But can we do an indoor version? Here’s a guide to help you pull it off!

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