oday, we’re releasing our entire literacy training path for free online, for anyone else to use.

In the past 2 years of building SEMA, one of our largest challenges was finding pre-existing literacy content that followed the specific literacy training methodology focused on letter sounds and blending that we were committed to using. Since we couldn’t find any appropriate content, we spent countless hours building our own.

Our literacy path starts with grapheme to phoneme conversion, quick automatization of letter sounds, and early transitioning to blending of small chunks. Although this might sound similar to other phonics methods, differences abound, and the devil really is in the details. For example, one of the most important differences compared to other phonics method is the emphasis on the early transition to blending of small chunks. Once children have learned the first two letter sounds, we immediately teach blending of those two letters, and go back to blending after learning each new letter sound.

The document includes our entire literacy training path – from learning letter sounds all the way to reading short stories and includes content of:

– Letter sounds – from the most common to the least
– Example word for each letter
–  +300 blending words positioned after the learnt letter sound
–  +300 reading/dictation words
–  +100 reading/dictation and comprehension sentences
–  +12 short stories

We hope this content and structure will be useful to teachers and educators around the world as well as digital content developers hoping to teach reading and writing to young children.
You can download here: Kukua’s Open Source Literacy Content

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