Can we convert the time spent by children on the phone playing mobile games into something constructive?

We believe so which is why we created 3 unique learning mobile applications to help children aged 4-6 learn letter sounds in a fun and engaging way.

One of the Sema apps is SEMA RUN – which aims to get children to improve their letter & phonics identification skills while enjoying playing an interactive mobile game. 

In the game, children follow the main character, SEMA, on a magical adventure in her village Dunia, as they help her defeat the troublemakers known as the Bongolalas, who are stealing all the letters from the village. The game applies simple dynamics, kids need to tap on the lead character, Sema, to help her collect the correct letter. To motivate them to keep learning, children get a reward that they can use as a sticker on their selfie at the end of each level, and there is an assessment to help them master the letter sound, after every 3 levels.


Once downloaded, Sema Run, works offline hence users can access the app without an internet connection. The main character SEMA takes children on a magical adventure while empowering them to learn how to read as she gains technological powers and navigates through obstacles. Early impact tests on the application show that children using Sema Run for 6+ weeks master up to ten more new letter sounds. The app embeds the Early Grade Reading Test (EGRA), a world standard for measuring the literacy levels of children, after every 3 levels. Sema Run is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.