As parents, we know the lingering questions your kids have during this unprecedented period: Why is everyone getting sick? Why is my school closed? When can I see my friends again?  Why do I always have to wash my hands? Why do we have to stay at home? Finding ways to answer their questions honestly in a calm, reassuring way can be tricky, which is why we have compiled these resources to make the conversation easier and keep your kids safe and supa. These activities will keep your kids busy and teach them healthy habits in a fun, kid-friendly way. 

1.The Water And Pepper Science Trick

This simple and cool science activity is a great way to demonstrate to kids why it is important to wash their hands with soap. All materials used are items you already have in the house. Watch, learn, and try out this simple and fun activity today. 


Sema’s Lab also had two more videos; COVID 19 Explained For Kids and The COVID 19 Supa Handwashing Song For Kids.

2. Dr. Li and the crown-wearing virus

This illustration book shares the story of Dr. Li Wenliang, who is known for sounding the alarm on COVID 19 and educates children on the disease in a simple way. To download a free copy of the book, click on this link. 

3. Vox – How soap kills the coronavirus

Washing your hands with soap is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. A question your kids probably have is, how does soap kill the coronavirus? This simple and detailed video by VOX is a great way to help you break it down to your kid.

4.Techniques For Washing Hands

Washing hands is the most effective way to protect yourself from germs, and the technique applied when washing hands is very important. This video offers a great step by step demonstration for your kids to watch and follow.


5. Ndlovu Choir – We’ve Got This – Fight Against Coronavirus 

Music can be a great way to communicate with kids about COVID 19, and we love this song by Ndlovu Choir. It’s vibrant, joyful, and full of color, and a tune your kids will probably enjoy listening to.


6.How To Stay Safe From Corona By African Animation Studios

If your kid loves cartoons, this animation by African animation studios will be a great watch for them. In the video, animated characters, Musa and Wazi, share pointers on what kids can do to stay safe during the corona lockdown.

7. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Lets Fight COVID 19  

This dance video by kids for kids is a good way to communicate with your kids about the virus. They use drama, music, and dance to communicate in a very effective way.


Happy viewing and remember to stay safe and supa!!



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